Van Kinsbergen is a mix of a Dutch grand café and the popular gastropub in London. In London there is a real turnaround going on. Due to the successes of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, Englishmen dare to be proud of their kitchen again. The dark pub, where only beer is drunk and simple (often) deep-fried food is eaten, has long since become a thing of the past. In London, a gastropub can now be found on every street corner. New decor, fresh colors, endless choice in drinks and surprisingly good and affordable food. Families, colleagues, couples and groups of friends eat here. People who live or work in the neighborhood and often meet each other in these places several times a week.

Van Kinsbergen has an extensive, special drinks menu. You can share the starters, meat from a charcoal grill and for vegetarians and fish lovers, there is plenty of choice. The gigantic bar has 15 taps with many English and American specialty beers, cider, and of course the famous beers from the Netherlands and Belgium. On weekdays we are open from 11:00 to 1:30 and in the weekend from 10:00 to 2:30. Late breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks in the afternoon or late at night are all possible.

Because the gastro is also known for its spirits or strong (clear) drinks, van Kinsbergen has a great choice of gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila and Gin. And not just the standard range. We even have a gin where the ingredients have been in space.

We also have purchased a micro-brewery. We can quickly brew 250 litres two times in a row. In this way, there are always two 500 litre tanks filled with beer, ready to mature. And there is always a beer from own brewery on tap. Next to the huisgebrouwen beer we have our own Van Kinsbergen Brew Pale Ale, brewed at the Hague (Eiber-Scheveningen). It is always available on tap.

Van Kinsbergen has a beautiful facade terrace. The windows in the facade can open, so the terrace is a real extension of the pub. Especially later in the evening, the heating lamps and wonderful new awnings guarantee a great stay. And then there is a delicious ' new ' sunny terrace on the Prins hendrikplein.



"The gastropub is a concept that could only have originated in Britain: instead of chucking away failing pubs across the country and replacing them with something radically different, let’s utilise what we have and make it so much better."



We notice that the inhabitants of the Zeeheldenkwartier are very proud of the neighborhood. Everyone is committed and there are so many things where something is really crafted or something very special is being sold. We can not stay behind. We therefore purchased a microbrewery. We can brew 250 liters twice in a row. There are always two tanks of 500 liters filled with beer, ready to mature. And there is always a beer from our own brewery on tap.

Besides the home-brewed beer, we will have our own Van Kinsbergen Pale Ale brew at De Haagse Brouwmeesters (Eiber - Scheveningen). This is always available on tap. With such a small installation we can not guarantee availability, so we have this beer brewed externally, but with our own recipe. From August 2019 we will always have two home-brewed beers of the moment on tap. After a while we also want the most successful brews to be bottled externally, so that people can also drink the beer at home. So there really is ‘Zeeheldenbier’ for the neighborhood.





Are you looking for a great location for a drink with colleagues, a family dinner or a tasting with friends? Please contact us right away and we will gladly listen to your wishes!

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Brewery - Gastropub - Dining Room

mon 11:00–00:30
tue 11:00–01:00
wed 11:00–01:00
the 11:00–01:30
fri 11:00–02:00
sat 10:00–02:00
sun 10:00–00:30

Prins Hendrikplein 15
2518JC, The Hague

070 310 78 92

Whisky & Rum Tasting

With the help of our special rum or whiskey magazine you will be advised about liquor.
You get interesting information about the origin, the distillation process, the species and differences. At least 6 types of rum and whiskey will also be tasted and test notes can be made!

The tasting is presented with 6 test tubes in a special tripod, an informative magazine and beautiful test glasses. Together with your table companions you can get started yourself.


Mail to or book directly via our reservation tool on this site.

Optionally, we can add certified liquorist Martijn Meindersma to this tasting for a minimum of 200 euros. He will explain the content of the magazine and go through the test notes with you.

25 euro p.p.
From 1 person to a maximum of 20 people



With the help of our special beer magazine you will be introduced to the field of beer. You will be updated on the characteristics of beer, how do you tap the perfect beer, what does beer consist of, how do you make beer, how can you distinguish the many types of beer. Also 6 types of beer from for example England, Belgium and the Netherlands are tasted and tasting notes can be made!


Mail to or book directly via our reservation tool on this site.

Optionally we can add certified beer sommelier Charlotte Wagenaar to this tasting at an additional cost of at least 200 euros. She will explain the content of the magazine and go through the test notes with you.

17.50 euro p.p.
From and per 2 persons
30 people maximum







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